Our Farms

US Hemp Farms

Our primary source of CBD is from a production facility in the USA heartland that is operating in line with GMP (pharmaceutical standards). The production facility is supplied with plants from a local growers collective who all share in the positive philosophy of growing high quality pesticide free hemp. This unique approach means we can trace our CBD right back to the field it was grown in and know where the seeds used came from. This kind of traceability is critical to understanding the quality of the CBD products.


Careful Growers

As referenced our growers refrain from using pesticides, the ensures that the soil our hemp plants are grown in is contaminant free. Not only is this good for the final CBD, ensuring no strange additives are present, but it's also better for the flora and faurna of the surrounding environment. We feel this positive approach to farming more naturally not only produces a great product but also one which is more sustainable for the future.

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