Partnership with GVB

At All About CBD, we craft unique CBD products for our clients. Our expert team has a background in pharmaceuticals and also chemistry. This deep knowledge of the chemical foundation ensures that, unlike many suppliers in the CBD industry, we can stand by the quality and legality of our products.

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To manage our supply of raw CBD and ensure the highest quality of CBD is used, we have partnered with GVB Pharmatech.

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Located in central Oregon’s fertile farm country, GVB is a leading technology-driven hemp solutions provider. Their team of 150 employees includes top chemists, engineers, doctors, and biologists paired with talented operators and a robust sales and marketing team. Their mission to create the highest-quality hemp cannabinoid products possible combines well with All About CBD’s commitment to supplying traceable and effective CBD products.


Working together, GVB and All About CBD combine to be the UK’s trusted partner for CBD products. Using organic cultivation, research and development, we strive to deliver the best CBD products on the market.

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